Farmington Woods Woman's Club

All women residents of Farmington Woods are invited to join the Farmington Woods Woman’s Club. The Club’s purpose is to provide social, educational, and entertaining events for its members and to encourage their participation in the management and lifestyle of Farmington Woods.   The Woman’s Club is always striving to welcome new members, to enhance our shared amenities & to promote good neighbor relations in the Farmington Woods community.

The Membership Qualifications of FWWC shall be composed of all women residents of Farmington Woods and paying annual dues.  Any member who moves from the FW community may continue her membership as long as dues are paid.  Women who are non-resident golf members of the FW Golf Club or spouse of a non-resident golfer are eligible to become members of the Woman’s Club.
The Club meets eight times a year from September through May.  The Anniversary Tea in September welcomes new residents, by invitation only, new members & honors our past Presidents as well as opens up the first club event of the new season. 

Farmington Woods Woman’s Club - Join Today!

Attention women who are not members of the Farmington Woods Woman's Club, which also includes the Lunch Bunch Plus and Book Club, it's time to sign up for membership.  Click here for 1/2 year membership form

Please make checks payable to FWWC and either mail it to Carol Verge, 3 Lyme Place Avon, CT 06001 or drop it off at the Woman's Club drop off box at the MA office.  Paper forms will also be available at the MA office.  Since all FWWC Communication will be thru Email, please be sure to include your Email address, home address and phone number.  We  will make arrangements for those without an Email address.  Please call Sophie 860-507-6129 or Carol 603-303-1882 with any questions.
We look forward to getting together, meeting old friends, making new friends and having fun.
Sophie Sefcik & Carol Verge, Membership Chairpersons

*New Officers Were Elected May 2022

FWWC 2022-2023 Officers
President Jackie Blaine
  Louise Pierfedeici
Secretary Sandy Stinson
Treasurer Thirza Hyatt
Nominating Carol Kardas
FWWC 2022-2023 Committee Chairwomen of Standing Committees and Special Events
Historian Carol Kardas
Membership Co-Chairs Carol Verge & Sophie Sefcik
  Louise Pierfedeici
Publicity Rachel Keyser
Welcome & Cheer Barbara Smith
Ancillary Committee
Book Club
Loretta Antupit
Lunch Bunch Plus Anne Fitzgerald & Thirza Hyatt
Craft Bazaar
  Louise Pierfedeici
FWWC 2022-2023 Program Calendar
These events are held in the Heritage Room of the Clubhouse
Date to be Rescheduled Joy Bacci, Celebration and Annual Tea 
October 9 "Where are you from?" 
November 12    Craft Bazaar
December 9 Annual Holiday Party 
January  no program
February 9 Bingo!
March 9 Can You Bear It?
Jay Kaplan, Director, Roaring Brook Nature Center 
April 13 Trivia
May 11 Annual Spring Luncheon

Lunch Bunch Plus
March - Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
April - Wadsworth Atheneum
May - Essex Steam Train & Riverboat
June – Gillette Castle
July - The Katherine Hepburn Museum
August - Lobster at Abbott's

Farmington Woods Book Club
The Farmington Woods Book Club meets the second Tuesday of the month and welcomes new members along with a participation and membership in the Woman's Club. Please contact Loretta Antupit at 860-404-7449 or We meet at 10:30 a.m. at the Farmington Library.  

March 14
My Remarkable Journey, Katherine Johnson
Facilitator: Murial Bryant
 A black woman mathematician in the 1960s who helped launch John Glenn into orbit, and what it took to work at NASA.

April 11
The Four Winds, Kristian Hannah
Facilitator:  Barbara Smith
This is a sweeping saga of a family’s struggle to survive set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, in the dustbowl era.

May 9
The Age of Innocence (Classic), Edith Wharton
Facilitator:  Phyllis Satter
This book was the winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize. It is a masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Age of New York.

June 13
The Other Einstein, Marie Benedict
Facilitator:  Pat Heavren
Beautifully written, a finely drawn portrait of a woman in love with the wrong man.  A brilliant scientist, a woman forgotten by history.

Here are few other activities you may like:
Canasta:  Come and join the Canasta fun each Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the Master Association Board Room. You don't have to be a master to join as we will teach you the finer points of the game. Just come and enjoy each other's company and have a fun afternoon.  Please contact Barbara Smith at 860-675-0328 if you would like to attend.

Mahjong:  Come and join the Mahjong fun each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the Master Association Board Room.  You don't have to be an expert as we will show you the finer points of the game. Whether you are new to the game or need to update your skills, come join a fun group sharing a common interest.   Please contact Dorothy Pfizenmaier at 860-673-4919 if you would like to attend.

Recap of May 2022 Luncheon and Fashion Show

The annual May Luncheon and Fashion Show was a huge success despite the delay of two years due to the dreaded Covid Virus. Over 90 women attended on a lovely Spring Day and enjoyed a delicious lunch and a Soft Surroundings Fashion Show with a “Taste of Paris” theme topped by sparkling flutes of champagne. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the many FWWC members, as well as others, who made this wonderful afternoon possible. Darlene Williams and her team from the restaurant helped negotiate prices for us, helped set up the room, and served so graciously. We also want to thank Johnny who prepared our lunch and received rave reviews, Kevin Cloud who arranged for transportation to get our guests from the parking lot to the Heritage Room, George Pierfedeici who arranged and played music in keeping with our French theme, Kelley Brewster and her staff who took photos, prepared announcements, and pretty much did anything we needed help with.

Our FWWC, led by President Carol Kardas, stole the show with her welcome speech in perfect French, and her surprise announcement of two very special awards for Dorothy Pfizenmaier and Irene Loretto who have given so unselfishly to our club over the many years.

We also wish to thank our FWWC members Rachel Keyser, Marianne Morrison, Sophie Sefcik, Louise Pierfedeici, Carolyn Blaine, and Dorothy Pfizenmaier who helped with everything from advertising to decorations, to welcoming guests, to making phone calls.

We are so grateful tour six models, Angela Maine, Barbara Smith, Anne Fitzgerald, Carol Verge, Thirza Hyatt, and Susan Landry who looked so lovely and presented the Soft Surroundings clothes so beautifully.

The work of my Co-Chair, Judith Harlow, is indescribable. Her organizational ability and attention to detail truly made this event possible and such an amazing success. It is impossible for me to thank her enough for her hours of effort over so many months.

We are looking forward to an equally successful year ahead for our FWWC. Don’t forget to join in the Fall!   We have big plans for next year and we will be needing help with all our events and committees.

Enjoy the Summer and stay safe.

Jackie Blaine

Woman's Club 51st Year at Farmington Woods


On Thursday, September 9, 2021 the Farmington Woods Woman's Club began their 51st year with a celebratory Tea in the Heritage Room.  FWWC provides friendship and service to the Farmington Woods community, with over $85,000 donated over the years as well as historical, educational and social events for FWWC members.