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Farmington Woods Cooperative Garden 2024
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New and Returning Gardeners

If you’re a new resident or interested in trying gardening as a healthy and productive hobby, give us a shout!  Available gardens go fast, and our returning gardeners have precedence, but we can always add you to our waiting list.  Don’t delay!  Call or email  Ed Crowe (860-716-5774 or [email protected]).  Click here for 2024 advertisement. 


Cooperative Garden:
More Than Just Garden Plots

Gardening is the number one hobby in the United States and it’s a hobby for everyone and all ages.  It requires no special skill, requiring only someone who likes to “get his/her hands dirty”.  In addition, you get to meet some very nice people who share the same hobby.

We have well over 100 gardening plots in a variety of sizes to match exactly the amount and type of gardening you wish to do.  There are small plots for the beginning gardener or for the kids, up to large plots for members who want to grow for a larger community.  A fact – even the small garden can supply a family with healthy salads for the entire summer!

Our goal is to provide a safe and attractive environment for those residents wanting space to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants in an environmentally friendly manner.  The Community Garden supplies the land, the water, plus all the applicable gardening tools, including wheelbarrows, hoes, rakes, spades, and weeders in a secured shed.  You only need to supply your smiles, conversation, and camaraderie.

During the growing season there are covered dish social events where gardeners or gardener wanna-bes to share gardening tips and tricks but, most importantly, share recipes from the garden harvest and tall tales of peas, beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.  As you would suspect, kids are always welcome.  In addition, for the first-time gardener or the experienced gardener who wants some new tips, there’s a series scheduled workshops on Sunday afternoons.

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If you would like to reserve a garden plot, please call Ed Crowe, our Garden Committee Chairperson at 860-716-5774.

For more information about the Community Garden please click through below.