Community Lifestyle

Farmington Woods is a special and unique place where over one thousand families live in a relatively small area and enjoy high standards of collective privacy and comfort. The Management is charged by the Executive Board with the responsibility of maintaining these standards of quality and acquainting all residents with the rules and regulations that make it work. The life style of a condominium like Farmington Woods demands of its residents strict adherence to the Farmington Woods Condominium Declarations, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and Association Policies as well as a reasonable consideration for the privacy and comfort of one’s neighbors and the community as a whole.  Click here to see Governing Documents.
Farmington Woods also has many amenities including four swimming pools, seven tennis courts, paddle tennis, cooperative gardens and groups such as Sr. Men’s Bowling League, Connect and The Farmington Woods Woman’s Club.

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 Pools          Tennis, Pickleball  & Paddle Tennis Courts           Games at the Lookout Room

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